Mengshin Lin (b. 1996) is a Taiwanese photojournalist based in Southern California and Taipei. The conflicts between Taiwan and China has influenced her works concentrated on social issues, community and politics. Mengshin has covered No Extradition to China protest in Hong Kong, Sunflower Movement  in Taiwan, and Black Lives Matter Movement in Honolulu and Chicago. 

After being two blocks away from a terrorist attack in Paris, she believes that capture the moments and tell the stories that needed to be told are her responsibilities to the world. 

Mengshin was a student at Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII with the AARP award.

Previously, Mengshin worked as a freelance videographer for five years, and produced commercial films, and music videos.

Outside of photography, Mengshin was a former sport stacker for ten years. She was the first Taiwanese won a gold medal at the World Sport Stacking Championships. She spoke at TEDxTaipei, Design For Change, business conferences, schools and universities in Taiwan, Israel, Malaysia and China. 

(Photo taken by Benjamin Lurie)


2019-2021 Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA (GPA 4.0)

Major in Photography

2017-2018 University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu, HI, USA (GPA 4.0)

Major in Liberal Arts (Focusing on Art)

2012-2015 Song Shan High School of Commerce and Home Economics, Taipei, Taiwan 

Major in Data Processing

Awards & Achievement

2020 Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII

2020 Winner, SPJ The CCC Awards 

2020 Winner, AAJA Dith Pan Photo Contest 

2015-2016 Travel Around The World - 10 countries in 110 days

2013 Champion, World Sport Stacking Association: 

2013 World Sport Stacking Championships3-3-3 in 15-16 Age Division


May, 2021 - June, 2021 Photo Fellow at Tampa Bay Times, St. Petersburg, FL

Feb., 2021 - May, 2021 Photo Intern at Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL

Coverage of state and regional news in Illinois. 

AP style captioning.

2020 - Present Photojournalist at The Columbia Chronicle, Chicago, IL

Visual coverage for wide ranges of news and events.

AP style writing for articles and captions.

2017 - 2018 Video/Film Production Assistant at Sika Films, Taipei, Taiwan

Pre-production, assistant director and assistant cinematographer

2016 - 2017 Assistant of Fulbright Scholar Richard Cornelisse Film Project: Taiwan Street Stories 

Assist with filming, interview and translation

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